Secretariat for Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Secretary’ word

Welcome our visitors and students to your home, Alsalam University.  And you will be here through Academic Affairs’ gate, which it deals with developing and organizing academic affairs in the university. It’s considered as the right arm for university scientific objectives executing, following its academic system and its different scientific senate decisions, it is responsible for building capacities and qualifying for teaching members in the university through continuous qualifying and training in and outside.

Academic Affairs has been set up in 2009 AD, by Academic Affairs Secretary Administration and Supporting Administrations managers: - registration and Admission Administration, training Delegation and technicians Administration. Besides, Results and certificates Administration, information and Statistic Administration.


Stability of scientific achievement in university , orientation towards universality in practice , content and standard .


Progress in studying programmes , teaching methods and techniques , students registration , following their scientific affairs  towards universality  quality criterions.


  • Completion procedures of new students admission in different University faculties. 
  • Following registration procedures , withdrawing , re-admission and reduction of students in faculties.
  • Executing university and different intermediary study progammes in university .
  • Adjust activate and promote Academic rules list to adjust the quality performance in faculties.
  • Following decisions executing , senate and other commissions recommendations .
  • Developing and supporting university studying programmes through following updating, developing methods, and media, teaching techniques and activating scientific applications.
  • Planning, programming and follow qualifying and training technicians, adjunctive teachers and teaching members through delegating and scientific participations.
  • Keeping faculties examination results, adjust scientific certificates issue and documentation for graduators.
  • Adopting determinant responsibility for commissions’ promotion and appointments for teaching members in university according to licensed regulations and systems.


  • General supervision of students’ admission and registration, and their relocate procedures.
  • Certificates issue and documentation for graduators in different faculties.
  • Supervising of senate council and its commissions, following its recommendations, decisions and keeping its relevant records.
  • Supervision of technicians training , teaching adjunctive and teaching members and following in and outside delegated , students procedures and reports on them .
  • Preparation of information and statistic concerned the university, supervising on formal printed issues metadata.


Academic Affairs is consisted of the following administrations:

Academic Affairs Secretary:

  • Duties and responsibilities:
    1. Supervision of different administrations through direct following and periodical reports.
    2. Supervising and coordinating with the Supreme Examinations Committee on the progress and follow-up of the examinations and ensuring their procedures in accordance with the university regulations.
    3. Supervision of Bachelor certificates issue and others for graduators.
    4. Supervision of annual university calendar preparation.
    5. Responsibility of senate council decision and commissions for promotions and appointments teaching members in the university.

Training and Delegation Administration:

Shouldring the following responsibilities:

  1. Supervision post graduate academic professional qualifying for adjunctive and  lecturers to obtain higher diploma , master and doctoral , short courses in and outside.
  2. Organizing with General Abroad Relationships Administration and general Training  and Capacity Building Administration  to facilitate delegated admission procedures in and outside Sudan.
  3. Follow delegated study progression and raising reports about them.
  4. Supervision of academic occupational qualifying for post graduate technicians to obtain higher diploma, master and doctoral degree .and short periodical courses in and outside Sudan.
  5. Organizing with General Abroad Relationships Administration and General Training and Capacity Building Administration to facilitate delegated technicians admission procedures in and outside Sudan.
  6. Following delegated technicians study progression and reporting about them.
  7. Applying and organizing special training courses for capacity building for technicians and adjunctive in and outside university.

Admission and registration Administration:

Senate Council Responsibilities:

  1. Following candidate students admission and registration by organizing with Admission office in Ministry of Higher Education.
  2. Following students relocate procedures .
  3. Following students immobilize , free-immobilize and registration procedures.
  4. Special statistic preparations for the number of students registered and non-registered, resigned, immobilized, relocated and graduators.
  5. Organizing senate council meetings and its invitations.
  6. Notes taking and keeping senate council records.
  7. Following Senate council recommendations, decisions and trusts.

Certificates and results Administration:

  • Keeping licensed certificates from senate council.
  • Issue of Bachelor certificates and others for graduators.
  • Revising Transcripts, which issued in faculties.
  • Preparation and reliance scientific honorary certificates and prizes.
  • Documenting all academic data and information for students who the senate council has licensed their graduation.

Information and Statistic Administration:


  • Supervision and preparing the university performance annual reports.
  • Collect and balance information for special data in the annual report from different faculties and administrations in the university.
  • Statistic preparation , special information for university printing formal issues

Rotated Secretary in Academic Affairs:





Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Bushara

April 2009 – Oct. 2011


Dr. Salah Abdelgabar Salah Bukhari

Oct. 2011- Mar. 2012


Dr. Ahmed Gadim Mohammed Ali

Mar.2012 – Apr. 2014


Dr. ZuheirYasin Mohammed Saeed

Apr. 2014- Apr. 2018


Dr.ZuheirYasin Mohammed Saeed

Apr. 2018 – till now.


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