Curriculum Vitae

  • Name: Musa Ahmed Musa Tibin
  • Gender: Male
  • Date   of   birth:   October,   1976   (Kadam   Adminstration   Unit,   West
  • Kordofan State, Sudan) Nationality: Sudanese Marital status: Married
  • Language: Arabic (mother tongue)
  • English as a second language is very good written and spoken.
  • Home address: Sudan, West Kordofan, El-Slam locality
  • Tel N0. 0121999892  and 0123057930
  • E-mail: musatibin2015 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
  • Work address: Department of Animal Production and Pasture, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Peace University. Profession: Animal Sciences


Range Scenes and Met Production


  • PhD   in   Animal   Production,   Faculty   of   Natural   Resources   and Environmental  Studies,  University  of  Kordofan,  (Range  Management) 2014.
  • MSc   in Animal production (Met production) University of Khartoum 2010.
  • BSc.  In  Animal  Production  and  Pasture  from  the  Faculty  of  Natural Resources  and  Environmental  Studies,  University  of  West  Kordofan, Grade Awarded: Class II (Honors) Division I. Date of Graduation: 14/2/2007. Date of Issue: 27/2/2007.


  • Bioinformatics from 4th  May 2009, University of Khartoum.
  • Scientific Methods of Research Proposal Writing during the period 4th-5th  July 2012 at the University of Kordofan, Elobied, Sudan.
  • First AID in the Community from 1/3/2005 to 15/3/2005, at Al-Fulla, West Kordofan State, Sudan.
  • Scientific   Research   Methodology   and   Proposal   Writing,   DAAD ALUMNI-    SUDAN    and    the    DEVELOPMENT    STUDIES    and RESEARCH INSTITUTE, UNIVERSITY OF KHARTOUM, during the period 25th-26th  April 2012.
  • Research  Methodology  held  on  the  31th   Jon-13th   Feb.  2012,  at  EL-Obeid Agricultural Research Station- Sudan.
  • Initial course in EDUCATIONAL PREPARATION Organized at the center   from   5th    October   to   12th    November   2009   at   University   of Khartoum, Staff Development Center
  • Intensive training course in English Language at Pre- Intermediate and Intermediate   levels   from   19th    September   to   7th    December   2010   at University  of  Khartoum,  Administration  for  University  Requirements (AUR) Department of English Language.


  1. Teacher Assistant in University of West Kordofan, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies,  Department of Animal Production and Pasture from 1/7/2007 to 30/3/2010.
  2. Lecturer  in  Peace  University,  Faculty  of  Natural  Resources  and Environmental  Study,  Department  of  Animal  Production  and  Pasture from 1/4/2010 Scenic till now.
  3. Head of  Department of  Animal  Production and  Pasture 23/5/2010 to 9/1/2011.
  4. Registrar  of  Faculty  of  Natural  Resources  and  Environmental  Study 27/1/2011 to 1/4/2012.
  5. Head Department of Forest and Wildlife 2013.
  6. Head Department of Animal Production and Pasture 2013.
  7. Supervisor of Agriculture Research University 2013 to 2015
  8. Deputy Den of Students Affairs 2014 to 2015.
  9. Dean of Students Affairs 2016 to tile now.


About  (12)  scientific  papers  published  in  different  Journal  of  Animal

Science and Research 2011to 2016.