Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data:

Name: Mohamed Elneil Mohamed Hussen
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1/1/1963
Place of Birth: Elsonot – West Kordofan State – Sudan
Marital Status: Married and have 5 children
Language: Arabic (Mother tongue), English (fluent)
Working Experience: 24  Ears

Contact information:

Address: AL Salam University, West Kordofan State –Elfula head quarter
E-mail: Melneilmohamed [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Mobile: +249 123057933,     +249 122651189       


  • may - 2016- 2018 Master degree in agriculture (under process)-Extension department title(empowering local communities and CBOs in capacity building- WSRM case study ,
  • July 1989 B.SC of Agriculture ,Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • April/ 1985 general diploma in Agriculture , Sudan polytechnic institute-Khartoum
  • June 1981 Sudan High Secondary certificate- agriculture discipline 


  1. I have almost about 12 years’ experience in managing of central and private nurseries,            multiplication of seedlings and plant protection, horticultural seedling production, fruit production and plant protection
  2. Soil reclamation and pesticide control, seeds multiplication and water harvesting, warehouses maintenance, improved green houses management, and supervision of out farms, consultancy in vegetable marketing.

Jobs and Experience:

  • June, 2006 –up  to 2011 Registerar - Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies - Alsalam University.
    1. Registration of students.
    2. Keep results records and data for the collage activities
    3. Revision of cylbus and courses and managing study issues
    4. Documentation of all programmed activities..
    5. Environmental issues such as pollution, natural resources conservation & management .NRM laws and by-laws updating..
    6. Monitor fiduciary aspects, procurement, bidding process &contracts.
  • May 2012 –  Oct 2014 (almost 3 years) - Coordinator of peace studies  and development centre - Alsalam University.
    1. Coordinate activities with different stakeholders and partners at locality and state level and relevant institutions.
    2. Capacity building for local communities, CBOs, local NGOs and partner’s.
    3. Facilitate and conduct workshops, seminars to reflect programs progress with UN agencies , UNDP , UNIFPA, Save the Children,
    4. Preparation of studies and working papers in relevant issues
    5. Environmental conservation and natural resource management.
    6. Reduction of resources- based conflicts between herders and farmers groups.
  • April 1994 – Feb. 2005 - Lybia Cooperative company for agricultural services - Lybia agricultural company - Benghazi- Lybia
    1. Supervision of horticultural nurseries and protected houses.
    2. Supervision of fruit trees.
    3. Plant protection and pesticide control
    4. Participate in national ANA surveys.
    5. Conduct socio-economic studies, seasonal evaluation and thematic studies that related to agriculture and livelihood.
  • Feb1990 – Dec. 1993 (4 Years) - Extension Department Manager - Egyptian- Gulf company - Benghazi – Libya
    1. Prepare and provide extension message with the extension team to farmers groups.
    2. Supervise the production of seedling of different species.
    3. Plant protection and pesticide control 
    4. Capacity building for stakeholders.


  1. External (Outside Sudan) Training:

July 2010

Relationship between oil companies and local communities  - Kampala - Uganda

July 2009

Border s management and conflict reduction-Nairobi-Kenya( Abyei case study)

Oct 2008

Natural Resource Management – .Petroleum  &communities, petroleum companies and their effect on pollution- Juba-South Sudan

Sept 2009

Participate in discussion of Abyei conflict, international  court ,Lahai-Holland


  • Ability to work with team.
  • Good communication skills and ability to act positively within multi-cultural environment.
  • Report writing skill and ability to master data collection and analysis processes.

Social activities:

  • Member of youth development and monitoring committee- south kordofan- 2007-2009
  • Member of agricultural development committee – Elfula – WKS
  • Member of conflict resolution &peace building mechanism-WK-2014-2016
  • member Sudanese Environment Society-Elfula for two rounds( 2006-2014)
  • Member of steering committee SOS WK-2015-2018






Vice Chancellor



Alsalam University- Elfula





Dr. Mohamed A.Bushara



General Manager



Arab Organization-  Seed Company

Mobile Phone: +249127105257

Email: bushara [AT] yahoo [DOT] com